I have so many stalled attempts at writing a kick-off post for this blog just hiding in the aether it’s not even funny. Short of attempting another one, I figured I’d just jump in with a normal blog post and kind of pretend I’ve been writing here all this time. Like, no one will even notice, right?

    It’s February, ya’ll. In a normal year, February’s are usually tough on me. The crappy daylight thing messes with me as a biological organism. I’m usually broke and still staggering from whatever miracle I had to pull out of my a#@ for Christmas. It’s ugly outside. It’s ugly inside. I’m ugly. You’re ugly. The damn dog is ugly. I’m kidding, of course, but you know where I’m going with this… 

    And this year? 

   They keep telling us we’re approaching the final stretch, but this marathon feels like we’re on day 54,675 and now you’re telling me I’ve only got 10,000 more days to go? Cool. Thanks for those comforting words, a-holes.

    Pandemic fatigue is real, ya’ll. I’m sick of COVID. I’m sick of my dirty ass walls. I’m sick of that permanent dark glob on the kitchen floor that BETTER be gum. I’m over it. And we’re not even there yet. (Cue impatient road trip Megan whining in the back seat, please. “I need to pee. Can you stop at the next Circle K? I need a jug of Diet Coke. Do we have any more snacks? That beef jerky was for MEEEEEE!” If we’re ever heading somewhere cool together, like a beach or a haunted castle or something, don’t ever volunteer to ride in a car with me. I’m the worst.)

    But we were talking about art, not beef jerky, weren’t we?

    Look, we’re all struggling here and art helps. It does. And I’m not even going to inundate you with all sorts of scientific evidence that it does (you can inundate yourself here and here and here if it floats your boat or finds your lost remote).  But maybe art isn’t your thing. I think the key to getting through this dumpster fire of a pandemic is nailing down what IS your thing and giving it space in your life to do some good.

    I own an art and creativity studio and even I have days where I want nothing to do with paint brushes or dirty paint water jars. Insinuating that I should create something insults me if I’m in the wrong mood. But there are things that make me happy and stretch me far enough out of my comfort zone that for a few precious minutes (maybe an hour?) I forget about the shit show unfolding in the real world.   

    What I’m saying, is that it’s hard, it seems to be getting harder to keep our sh#$ together and the best remedy I’ve found is to throw yourself onto some path and start walking. Being a beginner at something, trying something outside of your norm, it kicks you out of the comforts of your own rut and forces your brain to look at the new stimulus as problems to solve by creating new connections. 

    I might have made all that shit up just now, but I swear my neurologist said something like that after I had brain surgery (13 years ago this month…whaaaat?! I told ya’ll I hate Februarys) and had a really hard time with depression and recovery. I mean, my hair was also falling massive clump by massive clump, but still. I was a sad, headachy panda who was withering away IN FEBRUARY in Alaska. So, take my muddled good advice with a grain of salt and just know it worked/works for me.

    Since art turned into a business for me, I find other “things” that get me through. This week, here’s a short list of the cool shit I’m using as crutches to hobble through life and not end up in the pokey for aggravated assault on the next peckerhead to park too close to me downtown. 


Megan’s 02/01/2021 Cool Shit List:

“5Star” by CL

It’s a song, obviously. And you may or may not know that most of what I listen to is Korean pop and hip hop (long story for another ranty blog post). This song is slow tempo but it hits right where I need it to when Alexa plays it for the tenth time as I scrub the crusted hot chocolate grime from the bottom yet another coffee cup. She’s basically giving her new man a 5-star review and that’s funny for me…because I’m always popping off with things like “1 out of 5 would NOT recommend this restaurant and it’s crappy atmosphere”….while sitting at the table eating dinner with my family.

My Hero Academia. 

It’s an anime that I started watching with Riley in the past few weeks. We had to subscribe to funimation (some $6/month app) to watch the later seasons, but I’m sure there are other options out there. It takes place in a world where people are born with superhero powers and basically become a villain or a hero and go to villain or hero high schools and, I mean, I’m butchering the synopsis here, but it’s freaking good and if you loved Avatar: The Last Air Bender, a lot of the personal hero journeys are similar.  And listen, there’s this anti-hero Katsuki Bakugo who sweats nitroglycerine and is kind of a dick but he cracks me up. So when I’m facing another zoom meeting I don’t want to be in, I amuse myself and wonder “What would Bakugo do?” He’d set things on fire, probably, and blame the wimpy do gooder if given the chance. Me too, dude. Me too.

Steezy Online Dance Classes

Ya’ll. Despite how amazingly I can bump and grind around the kitchen whenever “Pony” comes on, I’ve never taken a dance class in my life and my biggest claim to dance fame is snagging my husband after a long night at Alaska’s “Last Frontier” dancing to Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” until 3 a.m. on Wednesday night. (It should really be in my life highlight reel somewhere….”now watch me yuuuuuuuuua…crank that soulja boy….”) But we’re getting cabin fever (have you even been reading this blog? We’re batshit crazy at this point) and I got the great idea after some well-placed marketing had me hooked on watching Steezy choreographers pop and lock and do some wicked KPop dances that they SWEAR I can do after a month of daily practice.


You guys…I suck. I really do. But I’m laughing and I’m moving and Makenna is even game to try to show me she can dance better than me and we made a promise that we’d record ourselves after we nailed the choreography. You know, in 14 years or something.

In the meantime, I’m still reading my trashy romance novels at night. I’m trying to keep up with my friends and family, and just doing my best not to be a garbage human being that day. Maybe in the worst of it, that’s all we can ask of ourselves. 


Be safe out there. Stay warm. Until next time, amigos…